The Energy Boutique | Personal Training, Pilates & Health Coaching

Small, Boutique Training Studio specialised in Healthy, Energetic & Active Ageing

Benoordenhout – The Hague

Personal Training for health-conscious, active 40+ -ers – highly qualified Personal Trainer Den Haag Benoordenhout

In the unique and stylish Nirwana flat in Benoordenhout you will find our high-end boutique training studio. The Energy Boutique distinguishes itself from other personal training studios by the exclusive one-on-one approach. You will train in a room that is only available to you. This offers privacy and personal attention from your own trainer and coach. Helen Essers (personal trainer, health coach & biomechanics exercise specialist) leads a team of experienced trainers and coaches. Our expertise goes deep and with a tailor-made program we go for optimum and sustainable results so that you feel healthier, fitter and full of energy again. Our motto is “Healthy, Active & Energetic Ageing”. Finding the right balance between movement, nutrition and relief is the key for healthy and active ageing. Our sessions are by appointment only.

“I hope to soon welcome you soon in The Energy Boutique.” Helen Essers

“With training sessions of only one hour a week I conquered my lower back problems and shoulder injury.” Susanne The Hague

“The three years I spent under Helen’s watchful eye have done wonders for both my body and mind.” Janja Brussels

“Ik heb minder pijn in mijn nek en heup en ben niet meer zo stijf en kan zelfs “planken” en dat op mijn 72ste.” H. Bijloos Den Haag


Personalised one-on-one training

ACE and Stott Pilates accreditation


Personalised nutrition advise “pure and healthy approach”

BGN accreditation


Personalised advice on pain management and stress relief

MELT accreditation