Recharge Your Vitality

The Energy Boutique helps people live a healthy and happy life. Our focus is on “Healthy, Energetic & Active Aging” with special attention on maximising vitality, hence our motto “Recharge Your Vitality”. Our highly qualified coaches apply their knowledge of personal training, pilates and nutrition in creating a personalised coaching programme for you. The atmosphere at The Energy Boutique is private, warm, safe and “energizing”, which is why we have loyal long-term clients and why our coaches enjoy working for us.


Do you want to feel fitter, healthier and more energetic? We would be more than happy to help you with a personalized exercise program that is tailored to get the best out of yourself.

Our target is to make you feel Healthy, Fit and Energetic. The Energy Boutique’s coaches have in-depth knowledge and experience that is built over 15 years. It is the solid foundation for the high quality you can expect from us. We are driven by our passion and find it not only important yet critical to maintain and continuously develop our competencies. We regularly attend relevant training courses, workshops and lectures both in the Netherlands and abroad. This way we can deliver on what is our promise to you: the highest quality in the field of personal training.


Healthy Food is crucial when it comes to increasing your vitality and achiving a balanced lifestyle. Nutrition trends, hypes and advice reach us in rapid succession. As individuals we often long for a simple and preferably fast, lasting and sustainable solution, yet we also intuitively know that this “silver bullet” does not exist. We in The Energy Boutique would be pleased to demonstrate that preparing tasty and healthy food does not have to be difficult or complicated. We can provide tools and insights that help you to easily integrate this into your daily life. We are accredited by BGN Nederland.

We also offer “Simply Food” workshops. These interactive workshops are ideal for groups, for example together with your colleagues.


In case of complaints or pain (for example in your back, shoulders or neck) we will evaluate your body posture and analyse potential “root causes”. If necessary we will work with your doctor. We also have a physiotherapist who can help diagnose. After diagnosis we will prepare a personalized programme with focus on correct body posture and movement techniques. Helen is one of few certified Bio-Mechanics trainers in the Netherlands.

Joint problems and back pain can heavily influence our daily lives, especially if this becomes chronic. This hinders our actions. Painkillers can provide a short-term solution. As a certified Bio-Mechanics Corrective Exercise Specialist, we can help you find and implement a longewr term and sustainable solution


Our thoroughly renovated and newly furnished studio is located in the architectural Nirwana flat on the corner of Benoordenhoutseweg and Willem Witsenplein, opposite the Haagse Bos. A conscious choice that has a lot to do with the surrounding neighborhood, the Benoordenhout neighborhood. A stately and green neighborhood that fits The Energy Boutique.



Owner & Biomechanics Specialist

Helen is owner of The Energy Boutique. “Through my personal coaching, pilates and nutrition sessions I can share my passion for a healthy, active and energetic lifestyle. Don’t expect a bootcamp trainer. Instead you will find a coach with a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. A coach that aims to get the best out of yourself with a lot of attention, passion, energy and humor. I love to see people change and see them gaining confidence in their own abilities. Every positive step makes me very happy and more enthusiastic. It doesn’t matter how big that step is. Together we can work towards your desired healthier lifestyle. Recharge Your Vitality!”

Titia & Bryan

Physiotherapist - Onderhanden Physiotherapy

Als gespecialiseerde fysiotherapeuten kunnen we je adviseren, begeleiden en behandelen bij stoornissen in je houding en beweging. De oorzaak kan zijn een blessure aan gewrichten, fasciae (bindweefsel), spieren en pezen.
We bekijken het lichaam als een functioneel bewegende keten en niet alleen de symptoom klachten worden behandeld. Zijn alle voorwaarden voor optimaal en pijnvrij bewegen aanwezig? Stand van het bekken, vanuit wervelkolom en andere aangrenzende gewrichten. Daarnaast behandelen we ook alle betrokken lagen; huid, bindweefsel en spieren.


Thuiswerken vanwege corona? Ontdek onze e-consults en thuisfysio-pakketten!




U kunt bij mij terecht voor al uw pedicurebehandelingen. Een goed verzorgde voet heeft mijn interesse en ik zie het als een uitdaging om u als klant tevreden naar huis te laten gaan. Wilt u ook weer mooie, pijnloze voeten wel of niet voorzien van Caption nagellak? Belt u mij voor een afspraak (06-24570889). Of stuurt u een WhatsApp of SMS zodat ik z.s.m. contact opneem indien ik telefonisch niet bereikbaar ben. U kunt mij uiteraard ook een email sturen naar of